RIVAL coaches Kristian Woolf and Trent Robinson both declared that the World Club Challenge should be a big event on the international rugby league calendar.

The victorious Sydney Roosters boss Robinson praised the event that Saints had laid on – and repeated his pre-match call for the fixture to be given more certainty and prominence.

Robinson was impressed by both the staging and atmosphere generated by the 16,108 supporters.

"The spectacle St Helens put on was amazing.

“It was such a finals footy game with the stands singing – it was amazing

"For saints to say come over here we are going to put this on and build this up was incredible.

“It's such a privilege to come to this ground and play the World Club Challenge here.

“To Rushy (Mike Rush) and all their crew – just hats off to them.

“It was an amazing event and I am really proud to play in the game.

"Now we've got to make sure it's properly organised. We are getting so close and we just have to make sure we keep the foot down on it so it is well-organised and we know each year it’s happening.

“I'd like to have three in England and one in Australia and it can be done that we organise it that way. We don't have to decide at the end of every year

“Then we can create a Grand Final feel or a World Champion feel to this game, like Saints did tonight."

Woolf, coaching in his first World Club game, echoed those sentiments.

“I think it is a terrific event and our fans supported it outstandingly,” Woolf said.

“Everyone I have spoken to from the Roosters has said how good the atmosphere was, what a good night and tough a game of footy it was.

"It's something the NRL should get behind as well, it's deserving of a rightful spot on the rugby league calendar."

“And figuring out where, when and how you do it and make it something of real importance.

“That atmosphere tonight was deserving of that and so was the performance of both teams – it was a great game of footy.”