SAINTS have had two players cautioned for actions during Sunday’s game over at Hull FC.

Matty Costello and James Bentley were both picked up by the match review panel for their technique in completing a tackle.

Both will be free to play this week.

The disciplinary noted in the Costello 30th minute incident on Josh Griffin: “Player grips around right leg of opponent. Takes both feet off and wraps left leg around the leg of opponent’s leg. Hook like motion demonstrated. Point of contact not apparent. Technique worthy of caution.

Two minutes later they picked up Bentley on Scott Taylor with a similar observation.

“Player grips opponent and takes both feet off the ground and wraps leg around the leg of opponent.

“Point of dangerous contact not apparent in footage. Technique worthy of caution,” it states.

The rule in which the play was looked at is 15.1(i) Dangerous Contact which is triggered when a defender uses any part of his body forcefully to twist, bend or otherwise apply pressure to the limb or limbs of an opposing player in a way that involves an unacceptable risk of injury to that player.