SAINTS boss Justin Holbrook talked about beating Halifax, getting to Wembley and looked ahead to Friday's Wakefield game when Mike Critchley caught up with him.

MC: Getting to Wembley is a monkey off the back of all those players who have lost five semis?

JH: It’s a massive amount of pressure off the players' shoulders. They have tried so hard over a lot of years and fallen short in a number of semi finals so to finally get bast that stage is important for them.

They have done it now, so we can get excited for Wembley now.

St Helens Star:

MC: You were on a hiding to nothing?

JH: If we had won by 50 everyone would have said that was expected. Watching the game back I liked what Wilko said when he said, 'Championship players are as strong as Super League players, they do as many weight sessions they’re just not as fit and skilful'.

Unfortunately with the conditions so rainy and we decided to outplay them, and our skill levels were off, then all of a sudden it was an even game.

I felt for the players because we were on a hiding to nothing.

In the end we knuckled down in the second half and got the job done. It was a tricky game for the players to play.

Halifax were always going to be at their best - they were on the big stage and had everything to play for.

It was good for the game.

St Helens Star:

MC: Halifax provided a real box of tricks, even untying Louie's bootlaces for him?

JH: They came with some trick plays, I did not think they would be that tricky.

MC: Wembley in sight, but how do you keep the players focused on the bread and butter games?

JH: This week has been difficult for a good reason because of all the euphoria of organising who needs what tickets, where we are staying and who is coming.

That is a good distraction because 12 months ago we did not have to worry about that and getting up for Super League games was horrible.

But now we know, simmering away in the background we have Wembley in a few weeks and that can only help us.

We have three games between now and then.

St Helens Star:

MC: With losing Lachlan Coote, last week you switched Jonny Lomax to full back and brought Danny Richardson in. Are you considering any other options that keeps Jonny at 6?

JH: We were definitely disrupted last week, as you are alluding to, but it was the whole game and the conditions played a part in it. We are likely to stick with Jonny at full back this week, but have not counted out Jack Welsby at full back because he is a great young player.

St Helens Star:

MC: Have you picked up the buzz in the town yet about Wembley?

JC: We had a junior members day and all the young kids were excited and talking about Wembley. We have kids who have never been and they are so excited.

I am sure their parents and grandparents have let them know about how important it is and what a great day it is.

Hopefully that will escalate in the next few weeks.

St Helens Star:

MC: When you see the emotion on Tommy and Big Al's faces at the end of the game it brought home that we have lads here who have been here a long time, but not reached Wembley.

JH: It is a huge weight off their shoulders, they are no different to everyone else in this town and all want to play there.

To finally get there after so long and have a side as good as we have got to get there is what we expected.

We have got there and now we have to make sure we go there and win it.

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MC: Wakefield's season has nosedived since they had their injuries, but they will be battling for points now.

JH: They’ll be down here looking for points. Six or seven weeks ago they were knocking on the door of the five and talking about playing finals but they are slipping down in a relegation zone.

A couple of weeks ago against Wigan they did look tired, they needed a rest and they got that rest last week so they are coming here determined and we’ve got to be ready for that.