SAINTS take on Halifax tomorrow in the Challenge Cup semi-final.

To get you in the mood why not have a crack at these 'last four' brainteasers.

1. Who did Saints defeat to reach Wembley in 1976?

2. Who scored the match winner against Widnes in the 1989 semi-final?

3. Where did Saints and Wigan play their 1990 Challenge Cup semi-final?

4. Which players scored hat-tricks in the 2002 Challenge Cup semi win over Leeds?

5. What was the common denominator of the semis of 1977, 1994, 2003, 2010 and 2015?

6. Which team stopped Saints’ cup winning run after three in a row?

7. 32,180 fans witnessed Saints’ last Challenge Cup semi-final replay against which side?

8. Who scored the late Wakefield try to knock Saints out in the 1979 semi?

9. Alan Hunte and which other player scored a hat-trick in the 1997 semi-final?

10. Saints’ highest semi-final score was a half century against which second division outfit?

Answers will be posted tomorrow night.