THERE will be no further action against any Saints or London players after the match review panel looked at Sunday's game.

Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook faces no further punishment after his yellow card, picked up on the stroke of half time when he was penalised for obstruction and then did not walk over to the referee when called.

The panel declared: "Player does not respond to referees’ requests to speak to him. Following multiple requests player is temporarily dismissed for failing to comply. Sin Bin sufficient."

The panel also looked at Morgan Knowles' first minute late contact on Morgan Smith but declared: "Player makes contact simultaneously as opponent kicks the ball.

"Contact is from player’s shoulder to opponent’s shoulder. No contact with opponent’s head. Opponent lands on back."

A minute later Knowles was on the receiving end, picking up sore ribs from Luke Yates' challenge after he passed.

There is no punishment for the London loose forward.

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The report states: "Player is committed to contact on player after the ball is passed. Player makes no contact with the head. Worthy of on field penalty."