SAINTS players and staff were given time off after their win over Wigan, but coach Justin Holbrook found time to field questions.

MC: How important is this short break for the staff and players at this stage?

JH: I have said for a few weeks, with there being no international break and with us doing well in the Challenge Cup there, are no weeks off between now and October 12.

It is important to find a few days and with it being a Sunday game this week it gave us a chance to give the staff and players four days off.

They were back in on Wednesday it is not a lot of time but it feels like a lot because we are not used to it. But it is a good little break.

St Helens Star:

MC: Beating the other top four sides in consecutive weeks shows the team is in a good place?

JH: To go to Warrington and Hull and then get Wigan at home was such a huge few weeks for us.

What made the Wigan win doubly pleasing is the fact that they had played well for their last five wins.

Every time we play Wigan we want to win because we know how much it means to everybody in the town so to get the three wins this year is tremendous.

MC: Steady start but Jonny’s running and Lachlan Coote’s kicking near the line turned the screw?

JH: It was similar to the Warrington game in the sense that Wigan really came out hard against us and probably had the better of the early stages of the game.

But as you say, Cootey and Jonny are playing so well and are waiting for their opportunities – and when they get them they take them.

St Helens Star:

MC: It could have been an even bigger margin had some passes gone to hand?

JH: We were a little bit off in some areas, but I am OK with that playing against Wigan – it is a tough game.

MC: To keep them to one freak score showed how committed that defence was.

JH: That was a huge effort from the players, off the back of all those tough games that we have had.

MC: Will you have Robes back for the semi?

JH: Yes, definitely. If I play him this week and there is no issue that is OK but if he pulls through sore that is not the right thing to do. He is the fittest player in rugby league and I would rather him go in fresh for the semi.

St Helens Star:

MC: The week before a cup semi, do have to work backwards and play it smart?

JH: Yes, there is a much bigger picture for us. We want to win this week, but we have to be smart about it.

We will give a lot of guys who have been waiting for an opportunity a go.

MC: Last time you rested about three or four, but even that provoked a reaction from London. You know it will have a similar effect?

JH: I was disappointed we did not beat London last time, but we still played OK. Whenever you rest players you give an incentive to the opposition.

They are going to use this to say it is disrespectful but it has just fallen on the right time for us to give blokes, who are carrying bumps and bruises, a rest.

I will probably rest at least nine or 10.