1. Saints’ emphatic win on Friday night completed a Super League whitewashing over Wigan for the first time this decade.

Of course, the caveat is that we may yet meet again…but that fact in itself shows the transformation in this Saints side.

It is not that long ago that Saints could not even buy a win on Good Friday – and now they are pulling off a clean sweep.

Wigan had players missing – particularly their big men and talisman Sean O’Loughlin, but Saints won on Friday without needing to get out of second gear. It was not simply the clean sweep over Wigan, it was the conclusion of a three-week spell in which all members of the top four have been taken on and beaten.

St Helens Star:

2. The debate over whether the game should have been televised will abate now.

Had it been shown there is a danger that the League Against Cruel Sports would have got themselves involves – given the one-sided nature of the contest.

The fact that fact that the game was a slow, messy last quarter killed a little of the atmosphere…..but the game should have still been on the box. It was due to a sense of entitlement, as some on the other side of the Pennines were suggesting.

St Helens Star:

When we showcase the game – we should be showing to a wider audience the two biggest names in the game in front of four packed stands.

And secondly, it does send a message out again that the games at the top don’t matter as much as the relegation battle.

Really? If the broadcasters are sending out this message does this not underline that we need to go back to making them matter again by making it First Past the Post.

3. Warrington’s home defeat means Saints are now 10 points clear. It will give Justin Holbrook plenty to think about on how he plays those last seven regular games.

The way he has rotated so far has worked – keeping the team fresh for the big games and ensuring players do not have to play with niggles. Last time Holbrook took out Lomax, Coote and Makinson for the trip to London.

It was still a side more than capable of winning in the capital – as good as London were that day.

St Helens Star:

It will be interesting what route he opts to take this week for the return trip to Ealing.

The week before a semi-final, I think you would expect a similar strategy – and challenge those players to rise to it.

4. All worked hard on Friday night – and we do tend to see the end product. However, there was some quality work done in chasing and harassing the Wigan playmakers with Morgan Knowles, Dom Peyroux and Kyle Amor hunting everything.

St Helens Star:

Those sort of players are always invaluable.

All the times Saints have won things credit has always been given to the classy players in the halves, the finishers out wide and the big men laying the platform…but as was the case in the 2006 team, the nitty-gritty toil of Jason Hooper and, right at the end, Mike Bennett were valuable.

5. The loudest chant on the Friday night lap of honour was the West Stand imploring Justin Holbrook to sign an extension.

St Helens Star:

“We want you to stay” was the message coming loud and clear from the terraces.

It is understandable – Holbrook has overseen a huge transformation at Saints, winning matches with a style of rugby we have not seen this decade.

Obvious Saints have not won anything yet – not even reached a final – but that will be hopefully resolved this year.

Hopefully he does sign up again to help oversee this crop fulfil its huge potential and build a real rugby league dynasty here.

St Helens Star:

6. The drama at Lords yesterday - with England winning the Cricket World Cup with the last ball of the super over against New Zealand - hammered out a real message for rugby league.

One was again the importance of international sport - but the second - and what made it even more special - was the fact that it was on terrestrial television.

Cricket, like rugby league, has been largely away from 'proper telly' for a good while now. When that happens it makes those sports for just those committed followers and they cease to become household names.

Let us hope the next Rugby League World Cup can deliver a similar thrilling outcome and help our game reach new places and people.