A FEW years back a supporter mailed in a letter bemoaning the style of rugby being played up at Saints – adding that they are “not bothered if we win, as long as we go back to being the Entertainers.”

Well this year Saints are playing some of the best rugby they have ever played - but as last year showed it counts for nought if they don’t end up polishing one or two trophies by October.

Friday at Hull saw some glorious passages - and in 40-odd years of watching it was up there with Billy Benyon’s side of 84-5, when Big Mal’s presence allowed Messrs Arkwright, Pinner, Holding, Veivers and Ledger the freedom to play some quality stuff.

Yes, today's team has strike, skill and speed to match the entertainers of late 90s left hand gang of Tommy Martyn, Chris Joynt, Paul Newlove and Anthony Sullivan.

And dare we put that display of quality, hot-potato passing and support play up there with the all-conquering class of 2006 - a team in which Paul Wellens, Leon Pryce, Sean Long and Jamie Lyon mesmerised defences after the big pack had marmalised them.

This Justin Holbrook class of 2019 is on the threshold of greatness - it clearly oozes ability and class - with youth on their side.

But it NEEDS to win something - one big cup in 10 years is not very St Helens like.

This team is the most gifted and balanced it has ever been since Daniel Anderson left.

But for it to go up there with the greats that have graced the red vee, it needs to break the trophy drought.

Once Saints get that first win off their back I am confident that this young side will grow in stature and be talked about in the same breath as the invincibles of 2006.

But there are four huge games to win this year first, before this group can be indelibly etched into club folklore.