1. Saints were a class apart when they blew apart third-placed Hull FC on Friday night.

There was one stage when the slickness of the team's passing, particularly up the left-hand side, was mesmeric.

The beauty of it is that it is not just about a Lachlan Coote, or a Jonny Lomax, or a Regan Grace or Tommy Makinson - it is all of them. Left, right and centre - with the efforts and handling of the mobile middle unit creating a sound platform.

St Helens Star:

It is a joy to watch the game when it is played this way. So it is a pity that only the hardy bunch of fans who were able to get an early dart from work to get across the M62 on a Friday night saw it.

2. Nobody is asking for Saints to be on TV every week - and everyone deserves a spot in the limelight. But surely you would expect the games between the leaders and the other top four sides to be televised. History and tradition aside, it is ludicrous that a game between Saints and a resurgent Wigan side with the longest unbeaten record will not go out to a wider audience.

St Helens Star:

The television choices, and this fixation with watching Leeds escape the drop zone, are as clear and indication as you need that even the game's biggest paymasters are not that fussed about the relevance of the top end of the league table.

3. Last week Justin Holbrook praised Regan Grace for still jumping up and celebrating, rather than milking a penalty after being fouled by Tom Lineham in the springtime win at Warrington.

On Friday night he must have felt Ratu Naulago's challenge even harder - for he stayed down and needed the trainer on to clean up his bloodied nose.

From a defensive point of view you never want to give up on preventing a try and tacklers should be allowed to tackle a player as he is hitting the deck.

St Helens Star:

In his defence Naulago had already launched himself, but when a player has relaxed after the ball has touched the ground defenders should show more caution in how they hit defenceless players.

4. His name is never really up in lights, and he has been way down the pecking order when it comes to giving plaudits to the Saints middles, but Kyle Amor's strong display at Hull was yet again another solid contribution.

St Helens Star:

The experienced Cumbrian may not have the eye-catching crash-bang-wallop style of a Big Al or a Tommo, but his graft in recent weeks has been invaluable in contributing to some of the glue that helps stick the team together.

Teams and squads need unsung players like that.

5. Hull got a little frustrated at times during Friday night - and Albert Kelly let that get to him when he threw the ball away and by the look at it launched a verbal volley. It was just a penalty on the night - but had a half back, cheeky as they were, spoken to Billy Thompson or Robin Whitfield like that then they would have been looking for the soap within a minute. We don't want a game where players start throwing the ball away - it is not a good look for young fans watching and is disrespectful to the officials.

6. Once again, Hull paid a fitting tribute before the game to legend of both clubs Steve Prescott. The fans responded with their own songs during the game. Steve has left a lasting legacy - which we still see with the charity work done in honour of his foundation.

But it is always a poignant moment to see that video footage played to remind us what a fantastic player and remarkable human being Steve was - and I am glad Hull and their fans never forget.