JUSTIN Holbrook reflected on Saints’ win at Warrington when the Star’s Mike Critchley caught up with him at the training ground this week.

MC: There was plenty of niggle and needle from Warrington on Friday, but Saints stood up to it well?

JH: I love the way we play the game. I was reading the what Regan Grace said in his interview in last week’s Star after he had been hit in the head by Tom Lineham.

He said: ‘It hurt, but it did not hurt for long and I wanted to get up and celebrate’. I thought what a great answer - and that is the way I want our team to play.

Teams can use those tactics against us, but the great thing about group is that we don’t care about it and just get on with the job.

We play the game in a great manner - I would not describe us as a ‘nice’ team- we are a tough team that plays the game in an honest manner and that is the way we want to play.

MC: Warrington’s pack held Saints’ forwards in that opening quarter, but Al’s second stint found another level.

JH: I want to give Warrington a lot of credit - they came here and stuck it to us and for 25 minutes we were hanging in there.

That is the pleasing thing because we did not have many opportunities, although we came close with Regan putting a foot in touch and Matty Lees juggling one under the sticks.

Warrington lifted the standards of that game and for large periods we were hanging on.

The pleasing thing is that we went on to win, with Big Al and Tommo playing a huge part in that.

MC: Jonny Lomax created the first two tries, but his overall game of a steady hand on the tiller when the going was tough was priceless.

JH: Yes, and that is the biggest difference with the way we are playing this year. We are playing with patience and last Friday was another great example of that. We did not get flustered and did not panic - it took us 60 odd minutes to score, but we are ok with that. Jonny played a big part in that.

MC: Second time this year where the leading Man of Steel contender Blake Austin has been kept relatively quiet.

JH: Warrington have a number of really good players - and it was one of those games where no players really stood out because of the way both sides played. He is a good player Blake Austin and we did a good job.

MC: 2-0 against the Wolves now, but you could end up playing Warrington four more times this next 10 weeks. Too much or can’t be helped?

JH: It is definitely too much, but it can’t be helped either.

Warrington proved last year that every time we beat them they got better and got us on the one that counted. They are a good side.

MC: Turning to Hull, are you looking to make any changes?

JH: Not really, apart from Aaron Smith. Everyone has had a week off within the last few weeks now and so there is no need to play one hard game and then rest everybody.

MC: An eight-point lead gives you quite a cushion to play around with things, particularly around the semi and final weeks.

JH: Yes, but we are just focused on playing well every week. That is what has put us that far clear and that is what we have to continue on with.

We go to Hull on Friday and they are sitting third after playing well th epast six weeks.

It does not get any easier for us that is for sure.

MC: Hull have been something of a Jekyll and Hyde side this term, and after a run of good performances last week will have come as a shock.

JH: They have playing great - last week will have shocked them, but they still played well - it was just that Hull KR are playing well too.

They were inconsistent at the start of the year but the last five or six weeks they have playing well.

MC: They have some handy footballers too in their ranks.

JH: Yes, they have key play makers with Marc Sneyd and maybe Albert Kelly if he plays, and Jake Connor.

They have big outside backs and tough forwards and Jamie Shaul can do damage from the back. I can see why they are sitting third.

They have plenty of rugby league in them and the way they move the ball around. When they have the ball they are really dangerous.

MC: The Army man Ratu Naulago has been a bit of a find for them?

JH: He can fly - and he takes some stopping. It should be quite a contest with him and Regan. It is a great rugby league story.