LONDON’S latest win in Catalans, combined with Hull KR’s victory over Warrington means Broncos and Rovers are locked in with Leeds Rhinos with 12 points at the basement - but a handful of clubs above them are also in the frame for relegation.

It promises to be the the most interesting relegation fight since 2006, when Wigan needed the combined efforts of Brian Noble, Stuart Fielden and Michael Dobson to stave off relegation.

It would be a shame if London do go down, and another season in the top flight would help Danny Ward really build the Broncos as a force in the capital - something that would be good for the game as a whole.

But the tightness of the relegation battle, combined with the wish to see Toronto in the top flight - and maybe Toulouse - often leads to the conclusion that Super League should be expanded to 14 or 16 teams.

The old first division used to be simple - a 16 division comp, with a straightforward home and away principle, but with four up-four-down.

But they were very different times - especially with all clubs being part time back then.

There is one big reason why expanding - as things stand currently - would not work. Money!

The game would end up trying to spread the jam too thinly across the board with two more clubs. Although even under the cap, the better players would gravitate to the top clubs, the comp would include a lot of average teams and fixtures that add nothing.

And clubs who do the right thing by growing players, would end up having to sell them to stay within cap. Money, after all would have to be divided between two or four more teams.

We need to stick with a Super League of 12 for now - and clubs that finish bottom, whoever they are, will have to take the consequences.