SAINTS boss Justin Holbrook gave his thoughts on Man of Steel, Morgan Knowles and subs to the Star’s Mike Critchley.

MC: Flashes of real brilliance against Huddersfield but were the few flat patches to be expected?

JH: I think it was. Even in Huddersfield’s defence they had been up for three or four weeks and were a bit flat themselves.

The game got flat in stages, but it gave me the luxury of pushing guys more minutes due to us being in control.

In the long run that will help those players get more match fitness.

St Helens Star:

MC: Can you explain the reasoning behind the recent ploy of making three substitutions at half time?

JH: It depends on the flow of the game whether they can get through to half time. Some will then say, if they have got through to half time play them another 10 minutes, but then you are completely running the into the ground.

If they can get through to 40 and then start somebody fresh, that way they get a long break and then can go again.

However, if it is a fast-paced game and they need to come off then that is fine - there are no pre-conceived plans.

MC: Morgan Knowles was mentioned to Wayne Bennett as a potential GB selection - outstanding again on Friday.

JH: He is a fantastic player - but obviously we have so many playing well every week but Morgan Knowles is putting himself in a different level for me.

He is just a fantastic player and deserves the plaudits because he is such a hard working player.

It doesn’t matter where we play him - we played him second row on Friday and he was just enormous. A great player to have in the side.

St Helens Star:

MC: A fine performance from Lachlan Coote but no points in the Man of Steel voting?

JH: Cootey was excellent but I am not going to get caught up the voting, but it is a sign of how well we are playing as a team - my opinion would be different to your’s. And that really good sign is shown when we have seven or eight different try scorers.

I want us to be dangerous across the park and don’t want one or two players getting the votes every week.

St Helens Star:

MC: When you saw how fresh Tommy and Al were did it vindicate the decision to rest them the week before.

JH: It helped justify that decision, as disappointed as we were that we did not beat London.

We were better for it Friday and will be better in the long run.

MC: Wayne Bennett has been talking about Lachlan Coote for GB - would you be supportive?

JH: I think representative rugby league is a great reward for any player - and it does not matter if you are 21 or 31. If you get the chance to play for Great Britain.

I don't know what Cootey is thinking but if he is good enough and they pick him then as a coach it is great for him to play with different players and get coached by different coaches on tours.

With players it depends what they want to do - if they wanted a rest at the end of the year I would be all for that as well. I’d encourage them to play but no dramas if they don’t want to.

St Helens Star:

MC: And the two Welsh internationals Morgan Knowles and Regan Grace are being spoken of as potential GB tourists - they would fit in, wouldn't they?

JH: Both are tremendous players, there are a number of good wingers eligible which makes it hard for Regan but he would not look out of place because he is such a great young player.

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As for Morgan Knowles, my opinion of him cannot get any higher.