JUSTIN Holbrook reflected on all things Saints when the Star’s Mike Critchley caught up with him.

MC: Looking back to Saturday first, was it always the plan to keep your props out there for the full first half?

JH: The plan was to push Tommo for one good stint if we were in a position to do that because we knew that once he came off and cooled down his foot would become sore. That was not the case for Big Al, but because of the stoppages in the half I took that opportunity to push them through.

MC: Was there any concern about pitching in all three returnees together after such a long break?

JH: Percy could have played the week before and we had had him in full training. With how hard the boys train and the medical staff were confident that boys were right to go.

Tommo is fine now, and Louie will take a few more weeks but it was just good to have him back.

The pair of them just need to get some games under their belts.

St Helens Star:

MC: The fans got a bit frustrated with that stop start, particularly with one of the injury stoppages?

JH: The refs are in a tough position, but if it is not a head knock it should be play on.

MC: What happened with that blip after half time?

JH: It was not a good period of the game and we started the second half with a few errors, but to the players credit they knuckled back down and got on with it.

That is the position we are in.

We want to play 80 great minutes but that’s not going to happen.

The guys probably thought they had done a great job in the first half and thought they would roll on in the second half. But it is not the case, you have to make things happen and that was the wake-up call.

To the players credit they turned it around and knuckled down and finished the game strongly.

MC: Just looking ahead to Sunday, any concerns about playing on the 4G pitch London?

JH: No, they are different to the Widnes pitch but are faster to play on. When we train on the one at Ruskin and our GPS figures go through the roof because they are faster surfaces.

The docs told us that it is not proven that there are any more injuries on 4G than there are on grass.

Knowing the game is going to be at a faster pace we will check in with the medical staff who does miss out on Sunday’s game.

MC: Do any other plans change for this game?

JH: We will travel down on Saturday and stay the night before.

It is a difficult away game and we have seen that a number of times this year and we have to go there with the real good mindset to keep performing the way we have been.

MC: Does the game give you the opportunity to rest anyone?

JH: It does, but that is nothing to do with it being London. The fact that we have been up so long and have had the Anfield Magic game and then backed it up with a Challenge Cup game

Hopefully there will be plenty of London-based Saints fans cheering you on.

It will be great to see some fans who grew up in St Helens but now live down south We have a lot of fans who travel any way, but if they are living down south it would be great to see them down there on Sunday.

MC: Can we have some injury updates on Theo Fages and Kyle Amor?

JH: Theo is fine. With the concussion protocol being seven days and we just had the six.

He is fine.

Danny will play again this week, Jonny Lomax will get a rest because he has been up for so long.

Kyle is now fine ­— and just missed a couple of weeks with his hamstring. He had an outside chance last week but with us having Louie, Percy and Tommo coming back in after five weeks it was too big an ask. He wasn't fit to play anyway but he is right to go this week.

Kyle will come in and Big Al will have a rest probably. We will definitely be looking at making a few changes.

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MC: Last time Saints played London they came up with a lot of unorthodox plays ­— is that something you can train to counter that.

JH: You have to be aware and can train for that stuff and be aware of those trick plays that they are going to coming.

St Helens Star:

MC: Two big signing extensions this past seven days - you must be happy to get those in the bag?

JH: It is great news that Theo has decided to stay. It was never a distraction for us or Theo himself.

He has played so well, and decided to stay is good news for everyone.

It is the same with Zeb Taia. His last two weeks have been his best since I have been here. He has always been a good player but he has been great for the last two weeks.

To have him back next year is another great sign for the club.

His experience, given that he is in the later years of his career, and professionalism - his preparation is awesome.

He is such a great leader - and we have plenty of those in the squad, we are not relying on one or two. We have a few setting a really good example. Zebby is setting a good example for our team.