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Boxing is considered an artform by many in the professional fight game. Professional boxing is a sport like no other. To make it to the top, it takes grueling, intense training and sacrifice. Boxing fans can get a bonus code and wager on the biggest fights the sport has to offer this month.

There are several key characteristics that great fighters exhibit, traits that have made them the best in their respective weight classes and allowed them to win championship belts. It takes long hours of training to hone these key boxing characteristics, but once a fighter has them they are a dangerous in-ring competitor.

Speed and Quickness

Squared circle insiders claim speed and quickness are the most important characteristics a professional boxer can possess. The boxer who continually displays speed and quickness is Deontay Wilder. The American boxer will fight in May and fans can visit this site to wager of the outcome of the fight.

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A boxer with speed can learn the other characteristics to become a professional fighter, but without the quickness to move away from punches, a boxer is a sitting duck.

Punch Accuracy

Punching a moving target accurately is not easy which is why pro fighters will spend hours honing this skill, focusing on where their opponent will be as they bob and weave away.

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Top fighters can land several accurate punches in quick succession, by repeatedly landing those punches, a fighter will wear down his/her opponent. Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest fighters when it comes to punch accuracy. “Money” puts time in the gym to hone his timing and accuracy and it’s paid off with his big-time fights over the years.

Punch Power

Mike Tyson was unbelievable when it came to punch power, the former world champion was explosive in the ring, he could knockout an opponent at any given moment. Tyson’s power and timing were at their best during his earlier years during the 1980s when he punched out opponent after opponent.

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Boxing isn’t just about attacking an opponent. Professional boxers must also know how to defend and prevent opponents connecting with punches of their own. Good boxers can block and avoid being hit before mounting a counter-attack.

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Professional fighters watch hours of tape on their opponents to find out how they attack. A boxer can then build defensive strategy for a fight. Once in the ring, a professional boxer can manoeuvre to avoid being hit. Studying an opponent also allows fighters to find weaknesses and areas they can exploit.