1. The Warrington game was billed as Saints' biggest test to date - and what a way to pass it, with an utterly dominant forward display laying the platform for some dazzling tries.

Warrington had played their part in building this game into an event - and it is what the sport needs with a 17,000 gate cramming in.

But after coming in big numbers and a swagger - it was the Wolves who sheepishly crept away with their tails between their legs at the end, while the home fans turned the volume up.

The win saw Saints leapfrog the visitors to climb back to the Super League summit after 10 rounds.

It is early days yet, as well we know, but there was a supreme irony in Warrington fans tweeting that the title is not won in April. Would it be rude to point out that the last time Warrington won it, it was....64 years ago.

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2. There has been a lot of talk, understandably, about the players who have shone in Saints' 1-7 this term, whether that is Lachlan Coote, Jonny Lomax and, although he did not play on Friday, Theo Fages.

But have we really lauded the Saints pack enough. It was not simply the huge-line denting runs of Big Alex Walmsley and the speed and direct running (and long minutes) of Luke Thompson, but front row replacements Matty Lees, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook and Kyle Amor kept those standards high to make it a tough night for the Wolves middles.

Saints' back row too provided some sharp, direct running and some punishing hits - among them was a tackle from Morgan Knowles that certainly let Blake Austin know he was in a game.

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3. That said, Coote is well worth dwelling on for his role in knitting the team together, making it tick and how that has been embraced by the fans.

It was always going to be a tough gig following Ben Barba - but I think we can well and truly move on from that now. His new song is even catchier than his predecessor's - so hopefully Saints can remain true to the words and stay top of the league all season.

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4. We all know forwards win matches, they lay the platform for the stars to shine. But it is those people who deliver on the back end of it who really get the people into and up out of their seats.

Take a bow Regan Grace for an absolutely stunning 70-metre special.

It was not simply pace, it was the smart change of direction that wrong-footed the cover to finish off.

What a try - but what an absolutely appalling late tackle from Tom Lineham after it.

If Grace had not put the ball down, and the Wire wing still had a chance of dislodging it then he maybe would have had a slight excuse....but it would have still been a penalty.

For it to occur after Grace had scored, on a player unable to defend himself, was a disgrace and should have had a card.

The incident was placed on report, but any ban will do Saints no good whatsoever. Punishment should take place at the time of the incident - especially after it had been reviewed.

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But credit to Grace - he bounced up and celebrated, enjoyed the moment in front of the elated West Stand and then quietly walked away as the trainer stuffed towels up his nose to stem the bleeding. What a trooper. 

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5. It was interesting watching a few ex-Saints legends turn out for LSH to celebrate the centenary of the St Helens club. Lee Briers still has it - crossing three times, booting over seven goals and prodding and probing against the Rest of the World team in a match that was a proper game.

In fact it was such a physical game that Sean Long was led off in the first with a shoulder injury that they could not put back in on the pitch. It was finally manipulated back in on Saturday night and he is now ok, but it was definitely a painful one.

It was an interesting game - but the experience of both codes working together to mark shows a level of collaboration that would have been banned 30 years ago when there was a lifetime union ban for any players going to league.

6. Thatto Heath enjoyed a huge Sunday - with the NWML team winning the BARLA National Cup (below) and the NCL side putting up a plucky display before succumbing to Dewsbury in the Challenge Cup.

St Helens Star:

Play in the Challenge Cup tie was held up for 25 minutes after a sickening collisions that saw Thatto's Ben Heyes and Rams centre Ben Leeming knocked out.

Being stood in the vicinity of Ben's family and friends as the players were being treated you could see what an harrowing experience it was for them.

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It really does bring it home what the players put themselves (and their families) through to play this very tough, physical game. Leeming had suffered concussion and a fractured jaw under his eye socket and Heyes suffered severe concussion but has been released from hospital. Everyone wishes them both a speedy recovery.