JC's ABC on Jackson Street St Helens, showcased another exceptional evening of live amateur boxing. Clubs competed from across the Northwest, from Liverpool, Manchester, and as far as Wales, Cumbria and beyond.

In what was their 6th show at the Sidac Club, and with a boisterous crowd swelling to full capacity, JC's Kevin Tol gallantly warmed up the gloves. He ramped up the atmosphere with a fine display, and in a tough hard contest gained victory over Runcorn's Harvey Sadler.

Caden Hughes was next up taking centre stage against Kai Gleim from Spartan boxing club in Lymm.

He bobbed and weaved to booming support, delighting the home faithful with a unanimous points victory. In the third encounter of the evening Corey Fletcher took on Mikey Doran from Boxing Fit in Cheshire. Corey gained vital experience and learned a great deal despite the loss to Doran.

Kai Birch was next up for JC's taking on the Welsh No 1 Corey Jones. 'Birchy' was allusive as ever, hard to hit and gave the Welsh No 1 the run around, winning unanimously on the points cards.

St Helens Star:

Louisa Tunstall was next up and fought the fight of her life against Emma McCormick.

Louisa relentlessly rounded on her opponent, and she took full advantage of her opponents fatigue with an impressive stoppage. She also magnanimously gained the prestigious 'boxer of the night award'.

Zac Dwyer skilfully styled his artistry, as his magic balance coupled with ingenuity saw yet more success for JC's, and yet another win. Cole Roughley, Sam Ledwith and Charlie Swift gave it their all, each fighter showing his tenacity and steel. They gained vital experience despite losses, and will no doubt bounce back stronger!

St Helens Star:

Tyrone Price took the bull by the horns against Jay Warden from the Jimmy Eagan’s gym. JC's Tyrone never gave Warden an inch and his victory was never in doubt.

Tyrone boxed sublimely and his opponent was found out and eventually disqualified. Phil Swift battled heroically against Ste Lakin. In what was a close encounter, Lakin was given a tight decision. In the penultimate bout JC's Tom Wilburn took to the hallowed canvas.

The current Merseyside and Cheshire Regional Champion, ferociously executed power and poise inflicting a devastating defeat upon his opponent. His father Andy was ecstatic and paid tribute to his son for overcoming recent setbacks, and showing 'maturity beyond his years.'

The raucous volume had now brewed to such an extent that you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife.

In what was the final bout and a title decider at that, JC's talisman Alan 'Blockhead' Johnson stepped forth.

He fought bravely and was crucially fitter and stronger, outfoxing and defeating his opponent Declan Bridge in breath-taking fashion.

In doing so he was rewarded with the Cruiserweight Northern Area Title Belt.

'Relentless Alan' dedicated the victory to his devoted wife Dawn Johnson.

A deserved winner and not only a Champion, but the people's Champion to all those boxing out of JC's.

St Helens Star: