THERE will be no further action against any players from Saints or London after the match review panel looked at incidents during the game.

One was the 44th minute tackle by Jack Ashworth on London hooker Eloi Pelissier.

However, that will go no further after the panel found: "Player makes contact with the head of opponent whilst making legitimate attempt to tackle."

The game had seen two cases of the players coming together, especially in the 65th minute when London's Sadiq Adebiyi dropped on Theo Fages.

On Adebiyi the panel declared: "Player drops on opponent as ball is still in play to complete

tackle. Contact is from players chest to opponent’s back.

"Does not promote arm into contact with opponent."

Tommy Makinson ran in subsequently, with the panel's reason for there being no further action being taken.

"Players from both teams have come together. Player runs inbfrom distance but doesn’t throw a punch," it stated.

Meanwhile things don't get any better for Wigan with Taulima Tautai handed a Grade C (Other Contrary Behaviour) three-match penalty notice.