WIGAN have had their two-point penalty for a salary cap breach suspended.

It means that the Warriors, who Saints beat on the opening day of the season, are no longer pointless with the two points from their one win now credited to them.

Following a re-hearing, a Sport Resolutions panel has imposed a punishment on Warriors for breaching the Super League salary cap in 2017.

Wigan appealed against the decision to deduct two points in the 2019 season and to issue a fine of £5,000, £2,500 of which was suspended, which was originally decided by an independent tribunal in January, whilst accepting that it had breached the Salary Cap Regulations.

The fresh panel has imposed a two-point deduction, which is suspended for a period of 12 months, until March 2020.

That deduction will automatically be activated if Wigan commit a further breach of the Finite Salary Cap in that period.

In addition, the panel has ordered Wigan to pay a fine of £5,000 immediately and confirmed that costs of £2,000 for the original hearing on January 24 must be paid. The panel have also ruled that their appeal deposit should be retained by the RFL.

The RFL and Wigan had already agreed to split the cost of the Sport Resolutions hearing.

The RFL statement read: “It is good to have this matter resolved, after this second independent hearing following the initial independent tribunal in January.

"The RFL will continue to police the salary cap in agreement with the Super League clubs.”