SAINTS skipper James Roby collected another maximum from the Salford game and now has 11 of 12 points available and leads the current Steve Prescott MBE Man of Steel awards table featuring a total of 53 players.

Roby scored twice and made 50 tackles as Saints kept up their 100 per cent record.

Lachlan Coote, who had his best game yet for the Saints, earned two points.

The fourth round of results.

3 Points: James Roby, Bill Tupou, Liam Watts, Kenny Edwards, Eddie Battye and Joe Westerman

2 Points: Lachlan Coote, Tom Johnstone, Mose Masoe, Tony Gigot, Kieran Dixon and Mickey Paea

1 Point: Jansin Turgut, Danny Brough, Michael Shenton, Daryl Clark, Jordan Abdull and Marc Sneyd.