SAINTS have started the season with a settled 17 - and although coach Justin Holbrook says there is scope for some rotation with one of the bench spots, in the short-term it leaves players without a game.

He suggested that some other players - apart from the four on loan or on dual reg at Leigh could be moved to get game time.

Dual reg positions are limited, but there is a possibility that at least one other player could move out to Leigh this week given Jack Ashworth is a doubt with a rib injury picked up in Centurions' game at Halifax.

Although no players have been confirmed yet, the likes of Adam Swift, Danny Richardson and James Bentley have yet to get a game.

Richardson, who has so far been overlooked in favour of Theo Fages, is available for dual reg - and could play this week given Saints have a blank weekend. 

He is not being sent on a month loan, but is among all other players who can be selected for dual reg week-to-week..

Holbrook said: "There are a couple of boys who have not had games.

"It is the worst part - they do a full pre-season and then the season starts for everyone else and they don’t get a game.

"It is difficult because you feel terrible for the players who are not getting a game - they want to play, that is what they are here for, and want to be a part of it and that is why we need a reserves comp.

"The alternative is to be able to send unlimited players on dual reg, but that would affect promotion and relegation.

"It is not an easy situation.

"It is tough but hopefully we can just get everyone a game, that is the main thing.

"That is why Joe Batchelor is having a run at York now because we can’t fit him in at Leigh. They are up in the Championship so that is a good fit and there will be a couple of more players who we will try and get a run."

Leigh coach John Duffy, who has been singing the praises of loanee Luke Douglas explained the current situation and how the dual reg contingent may change after Ashworth suffered a rib injury at the Shay. There will be a replacement from Saints if he fails a fitness test.

“Saints tell us who is available each week and we pick from that,” said Duffy.