1. Another week, another top notch performance from James Roby. We'll find out later this week - but you would think that the Saints skipper would be on course for his second maximum points in the Steve Prescott Man of Steel voting.

Roby was outstanding - with his searing runs, on top of his workrate, probably the biggest difference between winning and losing in the tightest of games against a dogged Trinity side that simply kept coming back.

Players come and go, who catch the eye and become flavour of the month, but Roby's performances are so constantly top-notch that they can be taken for granted.

2. Lachlan Coote received a good welcome to Wakefield - and to the problems Danny Brough's boot can cause.

It was a mixed bag from him, but on the credit side two pieces of sheer brilliance set up tries for Tommy Makinson and Regan Grace.

Recruits like Coote from the NRL will have their performances subjected to extra scrutiny, and he won't want to look at the two kick offs or the last tackle kick going out on the full again. There was probably also mitigation in him fluffing the boot downfield from Brough, with the wind causing a fair few problems.

3. Saints made a few errors with the ball yesterday that inevitably led to Wakefield spending long minutes, and repeated back-to-back sets on their line.

One the whole, they defended magnificently - and that gutsy determination was another key factor in the win.

They will, however, probably want to take a look at the right edge defence that found itself pulled apart quite simply on three occasions for the two Tom Johnstone tries and Bill Tupou's effort.

4. The game saw a quite fascinating duel between two acrobatic wingers - Tom Johnstone and Tommy Makinson.

Johnstone is a flying machine - and if you remember - he scored three tries for England against France in the autumn before Makinson forced him out of the way against the Kiwis.

It is fantastic to see wing play back in vogue - that is what the spectators want to see. The acrobatics were an extra bonus.

5. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook's late try stopped Saints making history. Golden Point beckoned - and with no Danny Richardson out there, and with Wakefield having Danny Brough, the odds were probably with Trinity.

Thankfully a super run and pass from Jonny Lomax, backed up by LMS took that out of the equation.

6. There was a decent turnout from the travelling fans at Wakefield. Sunday rugby - it could catch on, no dash from work, no late finish past kids bedtime. And in this new era, the game does not half look better in the sunshine.

Of course, the coaches want regularity and routine - and hospitality is popular on a Friday, but we are missing a trick not to have more Sunday games when not televised, particularly when it comes to taking kids to the game.