LAST week we asked you to take part in a quiz to tie in Saints' opponents Wigan.

Here are the answers.

1. Who scored the Saints try from the classy Tommy Martyn blind pass in the 2002 Easter game against Wigan?

2. Which player won winners medals in the Challenge Cup Final of 2002 AND 2004?

3. Who did Saints play on Boxing Day and Good Friday in 1980-81?

4. Which club 'warehoused' Micky Higham when he left Saints for Wigan?

5. Who scored seven tries against a Saints side depleted by a players' strike?

6. Who did Saints buy from Wigan in 1975 for £5,000 and sell to Leeds for £25,000 four years later?

7. Who scored Saints' opening try in the 2014 Grand Final against Wigan?

8. Which current Wigan player scored the winning try for Saints in the 2013 derby?

9. Complete the rhyme Alex Murphy sent to Wigan after 1966 Cup Final: Roses are red, violets are blue.......?

10. Where did Saints play Wigan the last time they played each other in round one of Super League?

Answers: 1. Peter Shiels, 2. Ricky Bibey, 3. Oldham, 4. Bradford, 5. Green Vigo, 6. Eddie Cunningham, 7. Sia Soliola, 8. Joe Greenwood, 9. St Helens 21 Wigan 2, 10. Cardiff.