WARRIORS new coach Adrian Lam may not have been born into the Saints v Wigan rivalry like his predecessor Shaun Wane, but he knows only too well how much feeling there is in this game.

Speaking at a joint press conference to promote Thursday's clash, Lam shared his memories of previous encounters when he wore the number 7 for the Cherry and Whites against Saints at Knowsley Road.

And one incident left him £5 better off.

Lam explained: "I have never seen this stadium (Totally Wicked)  until today, let alone play here.

"But I remember the old Knowsley Road. It was a lot closer and one of the places you hated going to, very much like the old Central Park at Wigan.

"This new place is a bit more welcoming hopefully. I remember getting things thrown at me at the old stadium when I was coming off.

"Things were hitting me and four or five £1 coins had been hitting me on the back so I picked them up and put them I my sock.

"Traditionally St Helens are one of the arch-enemies of Wigan town and team and the reverse is also the case.

"For the players these games are always the quickest.

"So it is a great way to start the season with a fast and furious game."