TO celebrate being an official partner of the Betfred Super League for the 2019 season, Batchelors Peas gave Saints fans the chance to attend the first game of the season with family and friends.

Thanks for taking part in the quiz, the deadline has now passed.

St Helens Star:

The answers to the 23 questions here are listed below.

1. Who did Saints thrash to clinch the inaugural Super League on the last round of 1996?

2. Who Saints play at Anfield the week before the 1997 Challenge Cup Final?

3. Where did Saints an Wigan play an 'on-the-road' fixture in 1998?

4. Who scored Saints' only try in the 1999 Grand Final?

St Helens Star:

5. Whose play the ball began the Wide to West movement in 2000?

6. Who scored a hat-trick in his first start for Saints in 2001?

7. Who did Saints play in their final game of the 2002 season?

8. Who thrashed Saints in the 2003 World Club Challenge?

9. From which club did Saints sign Nick Fozzard ahea dof 2004?

10. Which two teams beat League Leaders Saints in the 2005 play-off?

11. Who kicked his only goal for Saints against Leeds in 2006?

12. Who scored two tries in the 2007 World Club win over Brisbane Broncos?

13. Which legend played his last game of rugby league at Wembley in 2008?

14. Who took over from Daniel Anderson in 2009?

St Helens Star:

15. Who returned to torment Saints in the fog in the opening game of 2010?

16. Where did Saints play their home games in 2011?

17. Who scored the first Super League try at Langtree Park?

St Helens Star:

18. From which club did Saints sign Alex Walmsley?

19. Which two teams did Saints knock out en route to the 2014 Grand Final?

20. Who scored an hat-trick on debut in 2015?

21. Who played his first and last game for Saints at Magic in 2016?

22. Whose late try against Wakefield helped Saints sneak into the 2017 play-offs?

23. Who scored a hat-trick in Saints' first Super League game of the 2018 campaign?

St Helens Star:

  1. Warrington
  2. Castleford
  3. Swansea
  4. Kevin Iro
  5. Paul Sculthorpe
  6. Dave McConnell
  7. New Zealand
  8. Sydney Roosters
  9. Warrington
  10. Leeds and Bradford
  11. Paul Anderson
  12. Ade Gardner
  13. Paul Sculthorpe
  14. Mick Potter
  15. Sean Long
  16. Widnes
  17. Jodie Broughton
  18. Batley
  19. Castleford and Catalan
  20. Adam Quinlan
  21. Calvin Wellington
  22. Jonny Lomax
  23. Mark Percival