OVER Christmas we asked you 100 questions to test your Saints knowledge.

We have repeated all the questions - with the answers listed below for you to check how you have done.

1. Who were Saints’ last ever opponents at Knowsley Road?

2. Which team did Fulham defeat in their first ever game of rugby league in a Division Two fixture in 1980?

3. Prior to Keiron Cunningham, who was Saints’ last full time English coach?

4. Who scored the first ever try at Langtree Park?

5. Which rugby union club did Apollo Perelini join after the 2000 Grand Final?

6. Against which club did Bobbie Goulding and Scott Gibbs make shock losing debuts in 1994?

7. Which of the Chisnall brothers was first to win a Challenge Cup medal?

8. Who left Saints in exchange for Tony Burke?

9. Against which club did Paul Wellens make his final Saints appearance?

10. Who was the last South African to play for Saints?

11. Against which team did Regan Grace make his debut?

12. Who did Saints defeat in the final the last time they won the Lancashire Cup?

13. How many different clubs have won Super League since 1996?

14. Which two players won Challenge Cup winners medals in 1966, 1972 and 1976?

15. Which NRL club does former Saints favourite Sia Soliola now play for?

16. How many seasons did Saints finish top of the Super League table under Daniel Anderson?

17. Whose final match as a referee was Mal Meninga’s last game as a Saint?

18. From which club did Saints sign Tommy Martyn and Chris Joynt?

19. Which star signing was delivered to the club in a Securicor van?

20. Who were Saints’ half backs in the 2011 Grand Final?

21. Apart from Leeds, who are the only team to beat Saints at an Old Trafford Grand Final?

22. Which trophies did the ‘four cups’ team of 1965-66 win?

23. Which two Welsh props played in Saints’ only ever John Player Trophy Final win?

24. How many tackles were in a set after the ending of unlimited tackles in 1966?

25. Which three future Saints played in Manly’s victorious Grand Final win over Canberra in 1987?

26. Who scored the first try at the new Wembley?

27. Name the eight tourists Saints in the 1996 GB squad?

28. Tyson Fury’s dad, John, lost his first ever pro fight against which Saints heavyweight?

29. Prior to Mal Meninga’s arrival, what and when was Saints’ last trophy?

30. Which former Saints forward was nicknamed Stretch?

31. Which trophy was last handed over at Knowsley Road in 1992?

32. Who were the only four teams to defeat Saints in all competitions in 2006?

33. Saints defeated SHAPE Indians in 1962, what did the acronym stand for?

34. For two years running in the late 50s which team knocked Saints out of the cup in round three?

35. Who is the only Saints player to have won Man of Steel twice?

36. Who is second, after Kel Coslett, in Saints all time appearance record?

37. Name the six teams Saints have played at Magic?

38. From which club did Saints sign Stan McCormick for a record transfer fee?

39. Who replaced Jamie Lyon in the Saints team at the end of 2006?

40. Which three Australians joined Phil Veivers at Saints for the 1985-86 season?

41. What do Jon Wilkin, Travis Burns and Anthony Sullivan have in common?

42. Which two London clubs played against Saints in 1935-36?

43. Whose try saving tackle scuppered Mark Elia's match winning score at Wembley in 1987?

44. What was the first senior representative fixture to be played at Langtree Park?

45. The son of which 1966 Challenge Cup final winner played for Saints at Wembley in 1991?

46. Which former Saints great was born in Bethlehem?

47. Which current Saints player has scored most tries for the club?

48. Which teams did Saints play at Anfield in 1996/97?

49. Who replaced Daniel Anderson as Saints coach at the end of 2008?

50. Which three players went to Bradford in the deal that brought Paul Newlove to Saints?

51. Prior to Ben Barba, who was the last Saints player to win the Man of Steel award?

52. What is the lowest position on the table Saints have finished in during Super League?

53. Name the 1972 Challenge Cup winner who left for Bradford, before joining Warrington?

54. Which club did Tommy Makinson play his junior rugby?

55. Batley dropped one goal when they defeated Saints in the first Challenge Cup final in 1897 – how many points was that goal worth?

56. Saints’ second Challenge Cup Final was staged at which ground?

57. Which side did Saints lose to in their first Wembley Challenge Cup Final appearance?

58. Who scored two tries and won the Lance Todd Trophy on his 19th birthday to help Huddersfield beat Saints in the 1953 Final?

59. What year did Saints win the Challenge Cup Final for the first time?

60. Who was the first Saints skipper to lift the Challenge Cup?

61. Tom van Vollenhoven inter-passed with which player en route to a length of the field touchdown in the 1961 final?

62. Vinty Karalius ­— Saints skipper in the 61 final – returned to Wembley three years later to guide which team to victory?

63. Which future Saints coach made the most Wembley appearances as captain – six in total?

64. Whose 65-yard penalty goal was part of his 13-point haul in the 1966 Final?

65. Which Saint scored the fastest ever Wembley try in the 1972 Final?

66. Saints’ 1976 team was given the nickname based on which BBC comedy series?

67. Saints used neither of their subs in the 1978 final - who were they?

68. Who skippered Saints in the 1987? Challenge Cup Final?

69. Who skippered Saints in the 1989 Wembley defeat by Wigan?

70. Who scored Saints’ only try of the 1991 final defeat by Wigan?

71. Who scored Saints’ opening two tries in the 1996 final?

72. Who won a Challenge Cup winners medal in 2002 and 2004?

73. Which pair of brothers played in the 2004 final?

74. Who refereed the 2008 Challenge Cup Final - for a first?

75. Which long-serving player left after one game of Super League?

76. Apart from Bradford, which other team finished above Saints in Super League II?

77. Which three players did Saints bring in from Oldham Bears in 1998?

78. Who scored Saints only try in the Grand Final win over Bradford?

79. Which of Saints subs did not take the field at Old Trafford in the 2000 win over Wigan?

80. What trophy did Saints win for the first time in 2001?

81. Which two Australian props joined from Canterbury Bulldogs in 2002?

82. Which rugby union club did Saints lose to in the cross-code challenge?

83. Who was sent off in the infamous 2004 Easter Monday game at Odsal?

84. Who was Saints’ interim coach after Ian Millward was sacked?

85. Who was the only team to beat Saints at Knowsley Road during 2006?

86. Who scored four tries in Saints’ first Millennium Magic win?

87. Who did Saints defeat in the Challenge Cup semi final to reach new Wembley for a second consecutive year?

88. What was unusual about Saints’ 2009 Easter win over Wigan?

89. Who scored Saints’ last try at Knowsley Road?

90. Which team did Saints beat twice to reach their sixth consecutive Grand Final in 2011?

91. Defeat against which club triggered the early departure of Royce Simmons?

92. Who thrashed Saints on Nathan Brown’s opening night at Saints?

93. Which teams did Saints beat in the play-offs to make it through to Old Trafford in 2014?

94. Which country did Kevin Naiqama skipper in the World Cup?

95. Which two countries has Joseph Paulo played for in the World Cup?

96. Lachlan Coote is an international with which country?

97. From which club did Saints sign Kyle Amor?

98. With which Championship club did Saints have a dual registration agreement in 2018?

99. Joe Batchelor has joined Saints from which team?

100. How many Steve Prescott Man of Steels, Harry Sunderlands and Lance Todds does Justin Holbrook’s two assistant coaches have between them?

The answers.

1. Huddersfield

2. Wigan

3. Ellery Hanley

4. Paddy Flynn

5. Sale RU

6. Doncaster

7. Les

8. Gary Moorby

9. Wigan

10. Van Niekerk

11. Wigan

12. Rochdale Hornets

13. Four (Saints, Bradford, Wigan, Leeds)

14. Billy Benyon and John Mantle

15. Canberra Raiders

16. Four (2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008)

17. Stan Wall

18. Oldham

19. Paul Newlove

20. Lee Gaskell and Jonny Lomax

21. Wigan

22. Challenge Cup, Lancashire League, Championship, League Leaders Shield

23. Stuart Evans and Peter Souto

24. Four

25. Kevin Ward, Michael O’Connor and Paul Vautin

26. James Roby

27. Bobbie Goulding, Karle Hammond, Alan Hunte, Anthony Sullivan, Chris Joynt, Joey Hayes, Keiron Cunningham, Steve Prescott

28. Adam Foggerty

29. Premiership Trophy in 1977

30. Peter Shiels

31. Lancashire Cup

32. Huddersfield, Hull FC, Bradford, Catalans

33. Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

34. Featherstone Rovers

35. Paul Sculthorpe

36. Eric Chisnall

37. Wigan, Huddersfield, Warrington, Widnes, Hull KR & Hull FC

38. Belle Vue Rangers

39. Matt Gidley

40. Brett French, Gary Grienke & Ross Conlon

41. All have played for Hull KR and Saints

42. Streatham and Acton & Willesden

43. John Pendlebury

44. England Knights v Ireland

45. Tommy Bishop/Paul Bishop

46. Tom Van Vollenhoven

47. James Roby

48. Castleford and Warrington

49. Michael Potter

50. Paul Loughlin, Bernard Dwyer & Sonny Nickle

51. James Roby

52. Fifth

53. Ken Kelly

54. Wigan St Judes

55. Four

56. Oldham

57. Widnes

58. Peter Ramsden

59. 1956

60. Alan Prescott

61. Ken Large

62. Widnes

63. Eric Ashton

64. Len Killeen

65. Graham Rees

66. Dads Army

67. Alan Ashton & Tony Karalius

68. Chris Arkwright

69. Paul Vautin

70. Alan Hunte

71. Steve Prescott

72. Rick Bibey

73. Paul & Danny Sculthorpe

74. Steve Ganson first to referee home town team in a final

75. Phil Veivers

76. London Broncos

77. Paul Atcheson, Paul Davidson & Brett Goldspink

78. Kevin Iro

79. Scott Barrow

80. World Club Challenge

81. Darren Britt & Barry Ward

82. Sale RU

83. Jon Wilkin

84. Dave Rotherham

85. Hull FC (26-27)

86. Paul Wellens

87. Leeds (2008)

88. Played on Maundy Thursday or our Last Easter win at Wigan

89. Keiron Cunningham

90. Wigan

91. Bradford

92. Huddersfield Giants

93. Catalans & Castleford

94. Fiji

95. Samoa & USA

96. Scotland

97. Wakefield

98. Sheffield

99. York

100. Eight. Wello has 2 LT 1 HS 1 MoS. Long has 3 LT and 1 MoS