COACH Justin Holbrook believes Saints and rugby league will benefit from the changes being made ahead of the 2019 Super League season.

Holbrook reckons that the reduction of the number of interchanges from 10 to eight, the introduction of a shot clock for restarts and bringing in golden point for games level at 80 minutes will make for a better spectacle.

Coaches across the board will have to adjust the way they play the game – but that could be a bonus for fast, mobile sides.

Holbrook said: “All the rule changes coming will be going to be better for our game - whether that is the reduced interchanges, the shot clock on scrums and drop outs or the golden point.

“It is better right across Super League; better for the fans and TV.

“Nobody likes a drop out or a scrum where somebody falls to the floor to stop the game, it is not what our game is about.

“Rugby league is a hardworking, honest game and we want to keep it that way.

“The more exciting we can make it for fans the better.”

Teams who like to commit numerous bodies to the tackle to slow down play, may have to have a rethink on tactics.

“There will be a fine line – you can do that but can you sustain it for the full 80 knowing that you have got two less interchanges?

“If you can do it you will, but if you can’t you will have to change your game.

“For me you always have one or two subs up your sleeve just in case you get injuries.

“The subs reduction won’t alter us, but it will definitely change some other teams.

“However, our bench will depend on our 17. If some of those forwards are going to need rests I’ll go with four (forwards), if not I will go with three.

“That will change around as the year goes on. It is one of the things I want to do a bit better – looking at stuff week-to-week because we have enough good players in our side.