HOW well do you know your Saints...... and your geography?

We gave you a list of 13 places from which we asked you to name a team of Saints spanning the decades.

The players are all in positions they occupied at the Saints, with some going back to the 50s.

1. At the end of the biggest cul-de-sac in Britain? Frank Barrow.

2. West London town synonymous with EMI? Joey Hayes.

3. Located south of the Rhone and Saône confluence? Jamie Lyon.

4. Capital of New Zealand? Calvin Wellington.

5. Small town north of Bootle? Dennis Litherland.

6. Greek Island famous for ancient ruins? Austin Rhodes.

7. Island beginning at New York Harbour? Sean Long.

8. Peak District village near Castleton? Mick Hope.

9. Twinned with with Huyton? James Roby.

10. Town south of Preston famous in the motor industry? Fred Leyland.

11. East coast port? David Hull

12. Lose an n and be in the middle of the Irish Sea? George Mann.

13. Small town in Harrow, North London? Harry Pinner.