SAINTS wing Tommy Makinson is renowned for his finishing, the tighter the space the bigger the challenge he rises to.

And had the television cameras been rolling last Friday against Castleford the video referee would have given him the thumbs up to yet another impossible score at the corner.

And yet it is Makinson's dirtier, less glamorous job in starting the sets that has been the biggest asset to the team to the team.

The 26-year-old, one of seven Saints in this week's Dream Team, said: "My game over the last few years has developed and I have worked on my strength, conditioning and speed to try and get our sets going.

"That is exactly what Justin wants from me.

"Finishing those tries and opportunities are nice, but a big one is getting those sets started and that is something I like doing.

"I still rate myself as one of the best finisher and it something I will prove I can do. In my heart and mind that is what I can do. i have asked for a bit more ball and it has started to come back.

"My job is to help the team and that is all I care about.

"It has been a great year for me personally and that is something I have not done on my own."

It has been a tumultuous year for the versatile 26-year-old, with an inclusion in the Dream Team following an England call-up in June.

There have been mostly highs, with the team finishing six points clear at the Super League summit to take out the League Leaders Shield.

But that made the defeat, when it came in the Challenge Cup semi-final, even harder to stomach.

"After we lost that semi-final against Catalans it was a shock and everyone on a personal level dropped their standard a little bit due to fatigue and maybe downright disappointment," he said.

The chance to do themselves justice and end the season with the silverware that their consistency deserves comes this next 10 days, but one slip and it is all over.

"We have hit the straps now ­— all of these four teams can win it.

"It i going to be special Warrington are a great outfit with strike all over the park and we will have to be at our best," he said.

With centre Ryan Morgan recovered from a series of head knocks and Dom Peyroux back after a nine-week absence with a broken arm, the right edge has been a lot more solid - and it is back to business as usual.

Makinson said: "The right edge for us is a tough one, we do more defending than attacking and yes we have some great players there but that has been disrupted by injury with Ryan and Dom. Dom has been tremendous all year and should have had a stake in the Dream Team really.

He is part of a backline that has been dazzling again, with the back three having real pace and a crowd-pleasing capability.

Central to that has been the sparkle provided by Ben Barba, who will finish his stint at the end of this season and join North Queensland Cowboys.

Makinson said: "Benny has helped me and Regan no end and we form nice little back-three partnership, something I have enjoyed.

"He is irreplaceable and I will miss him.

"You don't get many like Benny but he is going back home and good luck to him.

"With both Wilko and Benny leaving it will be sad but hopefully we can make it special."