FINGERPOST fighter Martin Murray will be signing copies of his autobiography at the official launch of Sinner and Saint on Friday 5-6.30pm at Saints’ Totally Wicked Stadium superstore.

The book has so far earned fantastic reviews from those who have read it and it has been top of the Amazon boxing charts since it went on pre-sale.

It is an honest account in which he Murray pulls no punches recounting his life story in the most intimate and vivid way.

Nothing is glossed over - and he tells his story in a plain-speaking, matter of fact way which will resonate with the readers.

Some may find parts of the story shocking, given his stature and standing today - but before his 20th birthday, Murray had already been convicted in court seven times. His 20th birthday was spent behind bars in a youth offenders’ institution.

His rollercoaster life ultimately redeemed through his success in boxing.

Murray went on to win the British and Commonwealth titles and challenged for the world title four times.

Twice he was branded the unluckiest man to not win a world title

Murray collaborated with acclaimed writer Paul Zanon to write his book, published by Pitch priced £19.99.

A ful review will appear next in week's Star.