SAINTS’ performance at Hull, selection headaches, James Roby’s longevity, Wigan week and Big Al’s recovery were all touched on when the Star’s Mike Critchley caught up with coach Justin Holbrook.

MC: The team had to really find something at Hull?

JH: We always knew it was going to be a tough game.

To lead at half time I thought we were doing well. Then to find ourselves down at 18-10 we were in a tough situation, but full credit to our players to turn a tough situation around, take our opportunities well and finish really strongly for a great win. It was awesome.

We have strike all over the park and we needed it – we needed to be firing. We needed everyone to play well in that last period if we were going to come back and win and I thought we were dangerous in attack - but needed to be.

MC: James Roby really grabbed that game by the scruff of the neck - and he had good support from Jonny Lomax.

JH: Robes was fantastic.

Jonny Lomax too, who combined well with Robes for a couple of tries.

I feel like I have been saying Jonny has been playing great for the past five or six weeks for a long time now. It is great to see.

Jonny is a deep thinker of the game and just to see him playing so well and so free is great to watch.

MC: Hull caused a few problems down the Saints left, is that something that has been addressed this week?

JH: We always look at ways at getting better and that was one of them. We probably got caught with too many numbers on the other side of the field rather than the left edge making poor decisions – it was just lack of numbers there.

We have looked at the good parts from Friday but also the areas of improvement and that is one of them for this week.

MC: Fantastic that you can come away from a place like Hull with two points and still have something to work on?

JH: That is why we are playing so well – we are winning games but all the players and staff understand that and are buying into ways of getting better.

That is what we are doing – it is the key to our consistency and we want to keep that going. We are getting better as a team.

MC: Ryan Morgan missed out last week, has he got a chance this week?

JH: It is a tough call that I have to make.

Swifty played again and played fantastic again.

I am not sure yet - but it is tough because Ryan was obviously playing well before his head knock.

Last week I wanted to leave Swifty in because he had played well, but he has done so again which makes it a tough decision to make.

I said at the start of the year that it is the hardest part for a coach, leaving good players out.

It is great - you need depth - leaving players out is tough but that is preferable to the opposite.

MC: Talking of future selection headaches, what is the timescale now for Alex Walmsley?

JH: He will have his scan on July 30 and will see the specialist the same day. He is doing everything great and the rehab staff could not be happier with his progress and he is showing no signs of any setbacks with his neck - it has just got better and better.

He is doing everything bar full contact - he is pushing hard and wants to get back and is doing everything right.

We won’t know when he can come back until that scan.

MC: He has some massive dates to aim for - could it be that you may have to hold him back till you are all completely happy?

JH: We definitely won’t be holding him back. He is the best front rower in the competition so if he can get the green light and then full contact, it is a case of him getting match fit.

It is a process, but until he sees the specialist in two weeks we will only be speculating on when he returns to the field.

MC: We spoke about James Roby’s value earlier on, is it too early to start thinking about the next in line?

JH: Aaron Smith and young Josh Eaves are great young hookers and it has been great for Aaron to get Super League experience at Hull KR - and games at Championship with Featherstone. That is good for his development.

But Robes will be here for a few more years yet. What you look at at with Robes is the fact that he is such a fit guy; he is quick, strong and he is such a level character in the way he plays the game.

His worst game is an 8.5/10. He is just so consistent. There are no signs in the way he plays - and how he is on or off the field that he is going to finish any time soon. He is playing fantastic and I can’t see that changing.

MC: Wigan week is always a bit special, what are you expecting this time around?

JH: They are still sitting second and altough they have been a little bit patchy the last few weeks that is for the other opposition to take advantage of because we know they will be at their best against us.

It is no point looking at their past few weeks just because they haven’t won. They are sitting second and we have got the biggest rivalry in rugby league and we are fine with that and we will be ready to do our best.