SAINTS second row Zeb Taia will be missing the Wigan game after suffering a compound thumb dislocation in the game at Hull.

In his place Saints will run with Morgan Knowles with Jon Wilkin and Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook rotating the loose forward berth.

Justin Holbrook said: "It is a nasty injury, but it is good.

"It is a compound dislocation that has pierced the skin.

"The good news is he has just got to wait for the wound to heal so it could only be one or two weeks so that is a great result.

"We will push for the Warrington game and if he's right then he'll play.

He has been playing well but it won't hurt him to freshen up.

"I will slot Morgan Knowles in there - which will be great for his development.

"He had a great game there for the last half hour on Friday."