SAINTS captain Tara Jones and Lizzie Gladman both scored twice as the women's team beat Bradford 40-12 on Sunday.

Shona Hoyle opened the scoring for the Bulls but Saints responded with tries from Tara Jones, Emily Rudge, Channy Crowl and Naomi Williams.

Second half tries came from Faye Gaskin, Alex Simpson, Gladman and Jones.

Coach Mark Brennan said: “Some of our defensive efforts were outstanding. Emily Rudge tackled the house down the whole game.

“The big thing for us is that we need to keep working hard to improve over the coming weeks. We have five league games left now so our goal is to make sure we make the play offs in the highest position we can.”

Saints: 1. Rebecca Rotheram; 2. Leah Burke, 3. Katie-May Williams, 4. Naomi Williams, 5. Alex Simpson; 6. Faye Gaskin, 7. Zoe Harris; 8. Sarah Lovejoy, 9. Tara Jones, 10. Vicky Whitfield, 11. Roxy Mura, 12. Emily Rudge, 13. Chantelle Crowl. Subs: 14. Lizzie Gladman, 15. Dawn Taylor, 16. Jade Ward, 17. Isabelle Rudge.

Bradford: 20. Leah Jones; 1. Savannah Andrade, 3. Jess Courtman, 5. Haylie Hields, 14. Memphis Jubb; 6. Claire Garner, 31. Danielle Bose; 8. Lauren Hickey, 17. Chrissi Nettleton, 30. Stacey Wilson, 23. Heather MacDonald, 13. Paige Costello, 11. Shona Hoyle.

Subs: 9. Kirsty Moroney, 10. Debbie Smith, 12. Amy Boardman, 28. Reagan Walker.