SAINTS coach Justin Holbrook was pleased with his side's 36-6 victory over Widnes.

The result stretches the leaders' winning run to 11 matches with plenty of positives from the seven-try triumph.

Holbrook said: "I am pleased with the team.

“I know Widnes have been struggling but they have been competitive as we saw that last week.

"We could have been excused tonight for not being as dominant as we were but we didn’t want to go down that path.

“Our defence was fantastic, we scored some good tries and came close at other times as well. It’s all credit to the players, they had a choice tonight and they decided to rip in and we got the result we deserved.”

The performance - in the absence of Ben Barba, Tommy Makinson and Ryan Morgan - showed the depth of the Saints squad.

Holbrook added: “We had to have a bit of a reshuffle due to injury but I thought the boys did a fantastic job. And obviously Adam Swift - it was a fantastic game from him.

"He was our best tonight and it was great to reward him with a game.

“He had couple of runs at Sheffield before we had a week off. I told him he could have a week off too but he wanted to play another game.

“When blokes make those decisions it is rewarding as a coach to put them in the first team and watch them play so well.

"So I was pleased for Swifty that is for sure."

Saints kept Vikings to one score - and defended resolutely.

"We know Widnes are struggling overall but they are also competitive. They showed that last week.

"We could have been excused tonight for not being as dominant as we were - but we did not go down that path. We scored some good tries and came close to a few more.

"All credit to the players. They had a choice tonight and all ripped in and got the result we deserved."

Vikings interim coach Francis Cummins could not hide his disappointment at his side's display.

He said: "I thought we played poorly right from the start.

"We cut a few corners and Saints have some great players that can roll you.

"We took a step forward last week (at Hull FC) but tonight was a step back.

"In the second half we started well by keeping things simple but then we started making basic errors.

"We have to play smarter and with more determination. I think we are getting better in some areas but are still a bit frail in others. We have got to keep going - we are not down and out."