JUSTIN Holbrook came back refreshed from a short break, and told the Star’s Mike Critchley that the players are raring to go again.

MC: How important has the break been for coaches and players?

JH: I let the players know a few months ago that if they kept working hard until the blank date then they would get some time off.

It has been good for all, staff and players. Our head physio Nathan Mill said he has not had a week off with his family in summer for 10 years.

Everyone had earned it - but this well be our only week off, hopefully, till the middle of October.

It was great but it is always good to come back and that is when you know you love what you doing when you want to get back to work.

MC: Just looking at the England game, Tommy Makinson must be buzzing after that debut?

JH: I was happy for all the boys, but in particular Tommy.

He has played very well all week and deserved to get picked. To be a winger and force his way into the 17 was a massive effort given that the other two are great players as well and have been there before.

To work out a way to get in the team and to have the impact he had on the team on debut

I was happy to watch him play so well.

MC: James Roby praised the concept of taking the test to Denver, but what do you as coaches think about it?

JH: I am sort of sitting on the fence with my answer. I am a fan of international games and I am happy that it is in America too, because we do need to grow the game. We do play long seasons and I would love the players just to have a week off with the test match going ahead in October because we don’t have byes over here like in the NRL.

The other side is you are going to be excited about playing for your country - and none of those boys representing England were disappointed about one extra game in the year.

MC: You won’t be resting any of them this week?

JH: No, they are all fine - and (laughing) Robes only played 66 minutes so we can roll him straight out.

MC: Saints have now got a good cushion at the top.

JH: I am really happy where we are but the best thing about the group and coaches is we know we cannot slacken off at all.

We cannot drop our standards because we are clear at the top. We want to keep winning and playing, and there is no reason to stop.

MC: Matty Lees will carry on in Kyle Amor's absence, he has not let his suspension earlier this year curb his game.

JH: There is no nastiness in Matty, but plenty of aggression and if he loses that he may as well not be in the team because he is a front rower.

I want him to continue that and I felt he had his best game against Leeds.

He was outstanding and carried the ball strong and fast.

That was his best game for the club so far and I am really happy for him. He is a good young player.