JC’s ABC hosted 16 bouts of boxing at Sidac Social Club.

World Champion Derry Mathews brought some of his own boxers.

Mathews’ own nephew was defeated by local favourite Kai Birch, who also took the prestigious ‘boxer of the night award’.

Hosting their second show in six months, JC’s on Jackson Street recorded six victories out of their nine competitive bouts, and with a further three kids gloves which were also highly entertaining, with the focus on skills with no determinate winners.

Wildcard ABC on Derbyshire Hill Rd in Parr also took part in the event, and the camaraderie, the respect on the night of all those concerned from Liverpool, Southport and gyms about the North est really was something to behold.

Alan Johnson representing JC’s in the final fight decidedly defeated his opponent, stated: “In all his time in amateur boxing, never had he witnessed such a raucous spirit from supporters and participants, enthused with such respectful sportsmanship.

“A fantastic night for boxing in St Helens.”