SAINTS coach Justin Holbrook answered Mike Critchley’s questions this week.

MC: Another 60 points and coping with some adversity. You must be pleased?

JH: When you win by 60 it is always hard to go back out and do it again. The players did it on Thursday.

It was fantastic to see them work so hard.

To lose a player at the back end of the first half, but to not miss a beat in the second half was a credit to them.

As a coach, you know going down to 12 is going to make it a lot harder, but our players just continued as they had done in the first half which was a phenomenal.

We are not chasing big scores at all, it is about performances and we are getting those. And we want to.

It is something we can be proud of. The way you play gets reflected in the points for and against column.

MC: It is not just about the quick guys, in the middle Luke Thompson and Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook are putting in good shifts.

JH: To get the wins we have got in the last fortnight you need everyone to be playing really well, and I can’t think of anyone who is not.

Louie has been fantastic, Tommo has been all year and Kyle Amor is doing a terrific job as well.

Everyone is playing well, you don’t rack up the 60s two weeks in a row if you are a little bit off your best.

We are playing well and want to continue the standards that are set.

MC: And another top drawer performance from Jonny Lomax?

JH: He has been playing fantastic the last couple of weeks, whrthert it is coring tries or creating them his skill level has been excellent and that has been great to watch.

MC: Matty Lees put himself about, but it was unfortunate how he caught Evalds for the red card?

JH: He had played well against Huddersfield and started in the same fashion, but it was unfortunate that he got the tackle wrong.

He was reckless with his approach and his contact. It was disappointing.

MC: How do you look after a young player like that afterwards, because you don’t want him to lose that aggression – because you need that in a prop?

JH: The only way to think about it was that it was unlucky. It was not intentional, if it had have been then it would have been a problem in your player.

But that is not the case with Matty – he is not that type of player. Unfortunately he has got it wrong and he has got to curb his ways a bit and steady himself. It is what I have said to him.

He does not want to lose his aggression, because if he does that he may as well not play, it is just a matter of steadying himself.

He got a bit excited and saw an opportunity but got it wrong. I don’t want to change too much about him – there is no nastiness about the way he plays. He’s as just tough as anyone else, it was just an unfortunate thing he got wrong and pays the price for.

MC: You miss him, but Luke Douglas come back in. Why did he miss the Salford game?

JH: Luke Douglas problem with hip area that flared up after the game against Huddersfield. We did not push him into the game, with Matty Lees there and right to go.

He is right this week and comes back in after a week off.

MC: After a long delay for Barba's injury, you must have pleased with the immediate response?

JH: Yes, after some disruption of a player going – one of our better strike players going off – to score two more tries and should have had a third was happy they got on with it.

MC: In terms of selection. particularly with Roby and Barba, does having the cup game the week after make any difference to your thinking?

JH: It doesn’t really because a bit like Easter the players - if they are fit to play – want to play. There is no resting for that reason. If they are fit to play they will play.

MC: And what did you think of that Challenge Cup draw - Cas away?

JH: It is tough. I’d be lying if I said otherwise because every team wants a home draw. It is luck of the draw. It is going to be a tough challenge and one we are looking forward.

MC: Any further fitness updates?

JH: Swifty is coming good and will be available to play this week because he has recovered from his injury and will be knocking on the door to come back in. That is good for our squad's depth.