SAINTS boss Justin Holbrook reflected on this week’s action with the Star’s Mike Critchley.

MC: Having looked at it again what are your thoughts on the Salford game?

JH: It took us a long time to calm down in attack.

There was a lot of stop-start, and there could have been even more penalties because the amount of high shots was horrendous.

The pleasing thing is we put it all together at the back end of the game and had a dominant win in the end.

It was a bit of a disjointed week but in hindsight you look at the week in disruption and so it was never going to be perfect.

We tried a but too hard to create things early on and forced our hand, but to the boys credit we found a way and put some good tries on later in the game.

We just needed to execute better.

MC: Another fine display from Dom Peyroux – is he your most improved player?

JH: At the back end of the year I saw the upside in Dom and his commitment to want to be part of this team.

That is the reason I pushed to keep him.

He has been one of our best this year and showed it again on Sunday. It is great to watch and hopefully that continues.

MC: He is on a right edge that gets through a lot of the unsung work – how do you think that side is working?

JH: They were really solid for us, unfortunately it was our left edge that was a little bit off for us on Sunday.

So we were lucky that our right edge stuck solid.

They are doing well out there and working well as a team.

We will get better and that is the main thing.

Every side, with losses, is working on getting better – but we are the same in winning.

The players accept that and want to get better. We will keep working hard.

MC: Where is Ryan Morgan up to?

JH: He is fit and right to go, but it is just a matter of him biding his time.

I am happy with the way Tommy Makinson and Adam Swift are going there.

MC: James Roby hobbled off towards the end - is he ok for Friday?

JH: It was just a cork so hopefully he will be fine to play.

MC: In future, what do you see as your options for covering nine should Roby get injured?

JH: Theo Fages and Matty Smith could both play there.

MC: And finally, the town is in Ben Barba overdrive. What is he bringing?

JH: He is enjoying training and it showed on the field with the quality things that he did for us on Sunday and we are glad to have him.

Even last week with the snow and the disrupted week he was really enjoying it and getting on with it.