1. There is a very good chance that Ben Barba's name will be on this list all season.

The dynamic Australian full back's telling interventions stopped the game drifting into a forgettable, drab, error-strewn encounter.

He has obvious box office qualities - his style, charisma, pace, vision and refreshing willingness to play what he sees gets the crowd out of their seats - even when it is freezing. What a joy it is to see him play the game with such a smile on his face.

He got a pretty early grip of Sunday's game - not simply doing the stuff that makes himself look good, but also in orchestrating play. We saw that aspect early on; 10 seconds before Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook had made a barnstorming run to the line Barba appeared to have told him exactly where to be - almost positioning him like a chess master placing a rook.

And, it is similar to Jamie Lyon's first year at Saints in the sense that when the team's other plans reach a dead end they can simply give him the ball to pull something out of the bag.

2. The entertainers are back. Sure, the conditions on Sunday - with the biting cold being followed by a torrential downpour - contributed to a scratchy game. But the last try was a masterpiece - with Barba, of course, being the instigator. With the game won and the hooter sounding, it would have easy to take the tackle. But fed by Jonny Lomax, Barba cut loose, played a one-two with Dom Peyroux found support on the inside from Danny Richardson with Luke Thompson steaming over from close range to celebrate in front of the West Stand.

3. It should be an interesting meeting between the owners of Pot, Kettle, Black this week - with one argument settled on Sunday. Mark Flanagan proved that his noggin is harder than Jon Wilkin's.

The former skipper flew in to put a big shot on the former Saints Grand Final winner - but came off second best.

Flanagan did need bandaging up, but Wilkin came off and stayed there.

4. Thankfully the snow and ice cleared allowing the game to go ahead. Had it not we could have a scenario where Saints would have been on three games played while next Friday's opponents Warrington would have been on five.

Cas and Leeds are still on three.

Had it been called off, short of an unheard of midweek game, it would have left the international weekend in June as the only date to play.

And yet, in week three, Saints, Cas, Huddersfield, Salford and Wakefield all sat twiddling their thumbs with an enforced blank date while Leeds played in the World Club, joined in Oz by Wigan and Hull who played what were essentially friendly matches.

In the meantime the Super League's middle eight teams were allowed to bring forward their games that were due to take place in the week of the Challenge Cup round five.

5. It is not an ideal time to test the Sunday v Friday argument - but the postponement did at least allow a rare day time home game - Good Friday being the only other one planned.

In an ideal cake-and-eat it world supporters probably want their home games on a Friday and away trips, particularly in Yorkshire, on a Sunday.

But there are very few Sunday games this season - I think Wakefield is the only one.

And given the early form of both what are the chances of that top two battle being switched for television?

Sundays have always had the merit of being the traditional game day and being more family friendly, but after years of routine it does now seem that fans have now adjusted their weekends around the game being on a Friday.

6. What a difference a year makes. This time last year Dom Peyroux was among a handful of bogey figures being pilloried by a then unhappy fan base. And to be fair, the former New Zealand Warrior was not producing the goods.

But he must go down as the most improved player in a red vee in the past nine months.

He has not been grabbing headlines, but the former Cook Island and Samoan international has been providing some really aggressive defence and some real penetration in attack on the right edge.