NEVER really been one for New Year’s resolutions, so I won’t be going dry in January and I only ever give up pies during Lent.

But I do have a few wishes for the year ahead, aside from the annual desire to protect old pubs from closure, and see an end to wars and poverty.

With the year ending in a six, the omens suggest a good year for the Saints.

No pressure, lads, but Saints won their first Challenge Cup in 1956, took all four cups in 66 and Eric Ashton’s Dad’s Army team defied the odds to win at Wembley in 76.

After a temporary aberration in 86, Saints took out the inaugural Super League title to win the double in 96 and swept all before them in 2006.

Saints are due a Wembley return. It has been a long time since 2008 and failure to get there this term will match the wait between 1978 and 87 – and that’s a lifetime to a lot of younger fans.

Wish number two ties in with the 2016 Olympics.

It would be fantastic to see Haresfinch’s Owen Livesey earn qualification for Rio.

The Commonwealth gold medallist has enjoyed a magnificent return to the sport after dropping out disillusioned after being overlooked for London 2012.

Livesey has been busily travelling the world, accumulating the points needed to get in among the 22 qualifiers - and he will keep on pushing in that aim.

Sticking with fighting, everyone was disappointed to see Martin Murray’s fourth bid to be crowned world champion end with a split decision defeat against Arthur Abraham.

The British boxing scene is booming at the moment with Anthony Crolla and Tyson Fury winning world belts, it was a crying shame that Murray did not join that club in Germany in November.

So here’s wishing that one of sport’s nice guys is rewarded in 2016 with further establishment at super middleweight and a fair crack at a world belt.

Finally, it has been a long time since St Helens Town’s football team has been able to play its home games in the borough.

It has been really tough for the stalwarts of the club, playing out in Ashton, especially since dropping down a division.

But they have got an outstanding group of people, including tireless chairman John McKiernan, battling for them.

Let us hope that Town’s return to St Helens finally materialises in 2016.

And when that happens maybe football fans can occasionally forsake Liverpool, Everton, United and City for a weekend and give the club that sport’s our town’s crest some support.

Happy New Year!