I RECEIVED a copy of The Mersey Fighters Volume 3 in the post last week – and what a fascinating book it is.

There are plenty of names that jump out from the past - including characters like Noel Quarless who had to be one of the most unorthodox but exciting heavyweights of the time.

Put together by Gary Shaw and Chris Walker it has the sub title of More lives and times of Liverpool’s boxing heroes.

It is not strictly true – as there is a true son of St Helens in this latest edition.

A full 18-page chapter is devoted to 1980s-1990s welterweight Ian Chantler.

I used to drink in the Nelson in the mid 1980s where Chantler worked on the door.

Even though he was not the biggest of bouncers, as a welterweight, he never had much mither when he asked for everyone’s glasses ten minutes after the last bell at 11pm.

In fact he commanded a degree of awe and respect based on the fact that he was a real warrior I am glad he has got a bit of recognition in this book – because here was a bloke who would never say no to a fight, and would travel anywhere for a bout, sometimes to his detriment.

The one bout he is probably remembered for most is when he got into the ring to face Nigel Benn when he was knocking fellas out for fun.

Plenty would have run a mile, but not Chantler.

He went in there with confidence - and in going forward allowed Benn the chance to do what he was a master at at that time - flooring the St Helens man after just 16 seconds.

Chantler showed his gameness but not letting that defeat – or any of his others – stopping him from getting back into the ring I will give the book a full review next week because it deserves it.

The authors have gone out of their way to add the real colour from their subjects – they probably had to tease some of that out as not all boxers give such easy copy as Tyson Fury.

But because boxers tend to be hard, disciplined men and characters there are plenty of tales to be had there.

St Helens have produced many a decent fighter - the Lyons, the Gilbodys, Gary Stretch, Gary Davies and Martin Murray among them.

It is something we seem good at in this town. Even the girls are getting in on the act with Liv Hussey doing so well.

It must be something they put in the water here - or that we have to fight that little bit harder to get on.

On top of the boxers we have a host of judo, Muay Thai and karate stars and starlets doing well in their respective fields.

It certainly adds to our pedigree.