If you're dreaming of lounging on your lawn if when we see some better weather, you might be considering some garden renovations like building a decking.

From summery BBQs to al fresco dinners, a decking is a popular feature that can elevate any outdoor space.

That being said, there are some rules you need to follow before you're sipping a glass of wine (or two) on yours in the sunshine. 

Before the outdoor dining and entertaining can begin, here are the conditions you need to follow.

Do I need planning permission for a decking?

In short, it depends on the kind of decking you're planning to build in your garden. 

There are circumstances where decking could fall under 'permitted development'.

This means that it would be considered a minor improvement work that would not require any planning application because it would be out of proportion with the impact of the work being carried out.

The UK government has issued technical guidance to homeowners to help them understand the rules better which can be accessed via the Government website.

For those living in Scotland, you can see your very similar guidance via the Scottish Government website.

There are some circumstances where you would need to make a planning application, according to Planning Portal.

You would need to apply for permission if the decking you planned to build was of a certain height, size or was going to be built in a particular location.

For instance, you would need planning permission for your decking (or raised platform) if the decking is to be more than 30cm above the ground.

Additionally, you would need to submit an application if your decking - combined with any other extensions or outbuildings on your property - were to cover more than 50% of your garden's area.

You would also need permission if your decking or platform is on land forward of a wall forming the principal elevation.

There are also additional rules if you live in a National Park area, the Broads or areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites.

With these areas, the maximum area that can be covered more than 20 metres from the house is limited to 10 square metres.

Recommended reading

The Planning Portal also noted that on Article 2(3) designated land no decking or platform is permitted either side of the house.

Additionally, within the curtilage of a listed building, no decking or platform is permitted.

If you are still unsure, you should get in touch with your Local Planning Authority for guidance before starting any work.