LOOKING for some inspiration for a gruesome Halloween look for your night out?

We asked make up artist Nastassja Victoria Clutton for one of her favourite looks.

Check her detailed step-by-step guide including all the products used and where you can buy them to recreate this Chucky look at home.

1. We always start any look by prepping the skin as to ensure it’s not going to soak up all of the makeup and clog your pores.

We also do this to combat any dry areas so that the makeup doesn’t cling to it and give an unwanted texture. For this look, we used a light moisturiser as the model suffers with dry skin.

2. For the brows, using an angled brush from Morphe, we applied ‘Soft Brown’ eyebrow pomade from Revolution Pro to the brow to create a bold, structured brow.

After this, we applied the P.Louise eye base in shade ‘3’ all over the lid and to carve out a sharp eyebrow using a Zoeva brush.

You do this by using the base to outline the brow into the shape you desire.

St Helens Star:

3. Using a fluffy brush, we applied the shade ‘Lit’ from the Stacey Marie Carnival XL palette all over the lid.

Underneath the eye, we used the same shade again using a small pencil brush to smudge the colour along the edge of the waterline.

Then, using the shades ‘Slow Burn’ and ‘Haul’ from the same palette, we deepened the blend above and below the eye.

St Helens Star:

4. To apply the glitter, we used NYX glitter glue on the eyelid, followed by BeBeautiful studio glitter in shade ‘Daydream’. To apply the glitter, we used a flat brush from Zoeva.

Once dry, we applied the NYX matte liquid liner in black along the lash line.

In the waterline we added Inglot black gel eyeliner and smoked this out using a tiny pencil brush to make it less defined.

At this stage, we would traditionally add eyelashes, but our model had already had individual lashes applied before today and, thus, lashes aren’t required on this model. For you at home this would definitely be the time to get your lashes on!

Now we're ready to start the face...

5. We applied Bobby Brown Vitamin enriched face base to prime the whole face in order to give us an even better base to work on our model.

For foundation, we used an easily accessible foundation with a nice shade range - Maybelline Super Stay in shade ‘36 Warm Sun’.

This is a good colour if you wear fake tan, which our model does. We then proceeded to use Charlotte Tilbury powder to set foundation, but only around the T-zone & under-eyes.

We then applied Mac blusher in shade ‘just a pinch’ to the apple of the cheeks using an angled blusher brush. Using the same brush, but with a Kiko bronzer in shade ‘Mediterranean tan’, we contoured & bronzed the face.

In order to contour we used a figure 3 pattern; the bronzer should be placed near the hairline, and slightly under the cheekbone and jaw line to define and accentuate.

We then used Urban Decay setting spray to set the face and to provide us with a semi-wet base, as this intensifies the highlighter.

For this look, we used the Doll beauty light duo highlighter. Doll Beauty highlighters are some of the best available on the high street at this moment.

St Helens Star:

6. For the lips, we applied Limecrime’s liquid lipstick shade in ‘Pumpkin’ to keep the colour palette similar to that of the eyes. These lipsticks are long-wearing and will last you all night.

Now for the fun stuff...

7. We mainly used a blood red and black face paint for this look.

For the cuts and scars on the face we took the blood red face paint and mixed this with a small amount of water in order to make a thick paste-like consistency.

Then, using a small detailing brush available from hobby shops, we created a few jagged lines across the face to create the illusion of cuts where Chucky was once ripped up and stitched back together.

When we were happy with the look of the cuts, we took a small, flat makeup brush used for detailing and a dark and medium brown eye shadow, and we began to create shadowing all the way around the cuts.

We left a 5mm gap between the shadow and the cut to create the illusion of depth in order for it to look as if the skin is swollen and raised along the outside.

St Helens Star:

8. Using the black face paint in the same paste-like consistency as before, we created small stitches across the cuts so that some areas looked stitched and some looked like they could fall apart at any moment.

Once the stitching dried, we took a dark brown eye shadow on a small pencil brush and shaded the bottom of each stitch, where it met the skin, to look as though they were actually in the face.

St Helens Star:

9. In order to create the freckle effect, we took the L’Oreal Magic Retouch Spray in a medium brown shade and loosely sprayed this over the face to create the look of fake freckles.

10. We then used orange hair spray to cover our model’s blonde hair and recreate Chucky’s signature orange hair.

St Helens Star:

11. Finally, using ‘Thick Stage Blood’, we added blood to areas on the cuts and over the knife.

Using fake blood with a thicker consistency is much better, as it doesn’t run everywhere and ruin your floor!

A list of products used and places to buy:

Soft Brown eyebrow pomade - Revolution Pro available in Superdrug

P.Louise base - available online on the Morphe website.

Stacey Marie Carnival XL palette - available online at stores such as Beauty Bay & BePerfect cosmetics.

NYX glitter glue - available in Superdrug

BeBeautiful studio Glitter - available online

NYX matte liquid liner - available in Boots

Inglot 67 black gel eyeliner

Bobby Brown Vitamin enriched face base primer

Maybelline Super Stay foundation – available in Boots & Superdrug

Charlotte Tilbury powder - available online

Mac Blusher ‘Just a Pinch’ - available online at Debenhams and in-store.

Kiko Bronzer - available online

Urban Decay Setting spray – available in Debenhams

Doll beauty highlighter - available at Topshop

Limecrime Liquid lipstick shade Pumpkin - available in Boots & online

Snazaroo facepaints - available from Hobbycraft

Fake blood available from Primark

Words: India Jade Clutton, Makeup and Hair: Nastassja Victoria Clutton - @NVBeautyMUA, Assistant MUA: Hollie Byron, Model: Emily Broadbent