CONGRATULATIONS to Steve Rotheram on being re-elected as Mayor of Liverpool City Region.

Over the last few weeks campaigners across the North West signed an open letter encouraging our mayoral candidates to become Cancer Champions.

Now that Mr Rotheram has been re-elected to office the plea remains the same; become a Cancer Champion and commit your support to the 53,000 people living with cancer in the city region who need your help now more than ever. Macmillan Cancer Support are still hearing from people in desperate need. The pandemic has led to thousands of vital cancer treatments and appointments being postponed, cancelled or changed.

Since the start of the outbreak, 1,415 fewer people in the city region have started cancer treatment compared to the year before.

The pandemic is continuing to take its toll on people who are already struggling with their cancer diagnosis.

The mayor can help by becoming a Cancer Champion; a prominent voice for people living with cancer and I am asking you to work with me and Macmillan to:

1. Make sure everyone knows how to get cancer support.

2. Meet with people living with cancer and myself within the first 100 days being in office.

3. Take part in or host a World’s Biggest Coffee Morning this September

Nancy Whittaker, Macmillan