I AM writing on behalf of the community of St Austin’s. Recently I handed a dog owner the St Helens Star newspaper, which contained a reader's letter concerning his dog.

At that point I did advise the owner to take the dog to the park.

Sadly the dog owner has not listened to the advice given.

The property that the dog is being allowed to roam is privately property.

I am informing the dog owner that you are no longer allowed on that property, to allow your dog to foul or be a nuisance.

We are trying to create a clean and beautiful area that can be enjoyed by both the church, school and the local community.

I have been made aware the dog owner still doesn't clean up the dog’s mess, this is left to myself and my parishioners to clean it up. The mess is a health hazard.

Also the dog is allowed to run free, resulting in several near misses with cars.

The dog is very friendly, however the other morning when I tried to stop it jumping up it nipped my hand and it did break the skin.

I am very concerned that next time it may be a little child or an elderly person. I know this dog is playful and I love dogs myself.

However it would be better if it was on a lead and went to the park. Sadly, I have had to report this matter to Council Dog Welfare and Enforcement officers for the good of others.

Regards Fr Martin Kershaw

(Parish priest, St Austin's)