A FEW questions about the plans for St Helens town centre

1. Is the big plan from a few years back now in the bin?

2. Housing within the town centre? They’ll have to have a rethink on Westfield Street and how that is on any normal weekend. Nothing about that can be spun to sound appealing for potential new nearby housing.

3. What’s the long term plan for potential jobs and sensible infrastructure to support all these new houses?

4. Are they going to play this so it really is fit for purpose over the coming forty years or so?

When I say this, I mean building a new area that isn’t over ambitious thus meaning potential empty units moving forwards.

I think the world is under no illusion that online shopping will eclipse higher street shopping and the olden days of packed high street are realistically (and sadly) a thing of the past!

Will the new plan focus on making the town centre truly high quality and a focus of life for all in town?

So a mix of essential shops, leisure, entertainment and a little blast of culture/heritage?

Just my thoughts... As you were!

Jon Milligan, via Facebook