I WAS donating at Willowbrook Hospice’s warehouse at Sutton and there were two ladies, one staff member and one volunteer there.

A man gave them a lot of verbal abuse because the volunteer had asked him to move his car as he was parked on a no parking sign where the Willowbrook van parks.

I am ashamed that someone in our town could speak to staff or volunteers of a charity that is trying its best to raise money for local people who are at end of life care.

I donate to this charity a lot, I visit three times a week to buy as well as donate.
I got into a conversation with the manager who explained to me the cost they pay out to dispose of the items good people donate that are not good enough to sell.

Please people of St Helens respect the people who run the local charity shops and hospice. If you’re going to donate make sure it’s worth something or in excellent condition. The staff and volunteers at the warehouse are fantastic. They listen to you, ask how you are and laugh and joke with you.

They don’t deserve the abuse especially from a man towards women.
This isn’t the first I’ve seen but the first I’ve felt compelled to write to the paper about because the poor ladies did nothing wrong.

They spoke very nicely to you so who ever you are please find it in your heart to go and apologise to these ladies.

 Name and address submitted