DRIVING back from St Helens on Friday evening at around 6pm my car cut out right smack bang on the entrance to the roundabout on Burtonhead Road and the Linkway near McDonalds on the right-hand side.

No power, no electrics – nothing – couldn’t even push it or open the boot!
I was in a black car so could not be seen clearly by the traffic behind me so was in a very precarious position.

As I got out to wave cars on, it started to rain very heavily. I called for help on my mobile, and left the light on, holding it to the top of the rear window for drivers to see as there were no lights or hazards working.

As I waited, most drivers drove passed grunting disapprovingly.
However I was extremely encouraged by the number of female drivers who stopped and offered help.

Several male drivers did as well including a gentleman who returned and gave me a hi vis jacket as he was concerned for my safety.

To all of them I hope they read this as I would like to say a big thank you as they helped to keep my spirits up until help came in the form of my son and husband.
But to the chauvinist who shouted “it would be better if you put on your hazards love” – shame on you.

I have been driving for more than 35 years and know exactly what to do – if they were working I would have put them on.

Offering to help would have made you a better person – hope this pricks your conscience!

Susan Thompson, via sthelensstar.co.uk