THE authorities have a responsibility to keep our roads and footpaths safe to use, so it was good to read action has eventually been taken to remove the lorries that regularly park illegally on the pavements in and around Haydock overnight.

Our roads, laybys and pavements were not designed to withstand the weight of these heavy vehicles which blight our towns and villages, leaving behind them the local council/ratepayers to pay for the damage that they have inflicted on pavements and grass verges.

In 2019 it was reported that Scotland was to introduce a nationwide ban on pavement parking and that Wales would soon do likewise.

At present the law in England clearly states that it is a criminal offence to park a heavy vehicle on the pavement.

It also states that it is also an offence to drive any vehicle on to the pavement whether there is intention to park or not.

H Lea, Windle