I AM an NHS employee who has worked on the front line right through this lockdown.

It comes to something when you are debating whether you have to hand your notice in as you have childcare issues and school are not delivering any help for working parents.

The schools would issue straight fines for children staying off, but nothing is getting done to help working parents out.

I have contacted the local school regarding this, who state it’s protecting the staff members and children.

I have worked with the NHS and have done as a key worker, but where is the help now, when it’s needed?

I have been in contact with HR and unfortunately the response I got was harrowing.

The only leave or help we get for making the clinic carry on through lockdown is flexible leave or special leave, which would be unpaid.

The NHS is not willing to help us out at all.

NHS worker, via sthelensstar.co.uk