ON Saturday, June 13, my wife and I went shopping at Morrisons Boundary Road Store.

After completing our shopping I put the bags into the boot of my car, whilst my wife took the trolley back. She got into the car and we drove off.

It was only when we got back home to Rainford, she realised that she had left her hand bag on the trolley hook.

She immediately started to ring Morrisons and I drove back to the store. When I got there, to my relief, a gentleman had handed the bag to the security guards who had then  taken it to reception.

I looked for this honest man to thank him but he couldn’t be found. We would also like to thank the Morrisons staff on the reception desk.

At this time when it appears everyone is out for what they can get, it was wonderful to experience that there are still honest people in the world.

Pauline and Geoff Leather from Rainford